A rubber duckbill check valve is an excellent choice for reducing the amount

A rubber duckbill check valve is an excellent choice for reducing the amount of standing water in your sewer pipes. This type of valve is made to provide the best flow rate with minimal pressure drop across the valve. In addition to its superior flow rate, it also provides exceptional back flow prevention. It can seal around trapped solids with 1 psi of back pressure and is made with top-quality materials that repel marine organisms.

Flexible sleeve design

The patented flexible sleeve design of the 711/731 ProFlex(tm) valve is a new type of check valve that combines the functionality of a flanged valve with the flexibility of a sleeved valve. This type of valve can seal around suspended and trapped solids and provides backflow prevention. It uses the finest engineering elastomers and has an outer layer that repels marine organisms.

This check valve has a flexible sleeve design and is a one-way, backflow prevention device made of robust rubber and synthetic elastomers. It prevents backflow by allowing flow to pass through its soft tube, but cutting off the flow if there is back pressure. This valve design is non-mechanical and requires no maintenance. This valve can also be used in stormwater and industrial process piping systems.


Duckbill check valves are made with elastomeric materials that https://evrproducts.com/products/rubber-duckbill-check-valves/ are fire-retardant and rust-free. They are used in various applications such as high-volume intravenous fluid delivery sets, chemical pumps, and automotive fuel pumps. They are also used in coffee makers, soap dispensers, and shower heads as anti-siphoning valves.

The design of these valves ensures that water and sludge will flow in a mono-directional manner. They are completely mechanical-free, as they contain no moving parts. There are two types: Slip-on and Flanged. Slip-on check valves are installed over a pipe and are secured by stainless steel clamp bands. Flanged check valves have a flanged connector with a back-up flange made of galvanized steel. Another type is the Inline Check Valve, which is a reliable and cost-effective method of back flow prevention. It can be installed between two mating flanges.


A duckbill check valve is an engineered device that can open and close against the rising tide of water. This type of valve is easy to install and has a wide range of applications. The duckbill check valve is designed to operate with a minimum amount of pressure, and there is no need for a power source or manual operation. It comes in two types: the curved bill and the straight bill. The curved bill model offers 50% more sealing area than the straight bill, but requires a higher cracking pressure. Its slip-on design makes it easy to install.

A duckbill check valve is made of rubber. This material has a high degree of flexibility, which makes it a perfect fit for many applications. This type of valve is ideal for coastal and wharf applications and is suitable for many types of pipe. They are also ideal for sewage and municipal flooding.