Elasto-Valve Rubber Products

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products Inc., headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, manufactures elastomeric piping products. This company has extensive engineering expertise and serves several industries. They understand how media flows through their product and the conditions in which it operates. They also offer a variety of solutions to suit different applications.

EVR is ISO 9001-2008 registered

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It manufactures standard and customized rubber-based solutions

Elasto-Valve Rubber (EVR) Products is a Sudbury, Ontario-based company that manufactures standard and custom rubber-based solutions for various applications. TheĀ evr company has extensive engineering expertise in the field of elastomers, and its products are ideal for a variety of industries. Whether a project requires an o-ring, compression seal, teflon hose, or pinch valve, EVR can provide a custom solution.

It makes flexible slurry fittings

EVR Products is a manufacturer of rubber-based solutions for multiple industries. They offer engineering expertise and custom solutions for any application. Their core product lines include rubber expansion joints, pinch valves, check valves, and pressure sensors. The company also designs hoses and fittings for a variety of applications.

It is a subsidiary of Danfoss

The company offers an extensive line of servo-operated solenoid valves for air-conditioning systems. These valves are suitable for suction, hot gas, and liquid lines and are compatible with high-pressure and fluorinated refrigerants. They can be ordered as a complete unit or as separate components.