IPQS Email Validation

IPQS email verification API is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses verify email addresses and improve their deliverability rates. The API helps identify and eliminate invalid, disposable and expired emails. It also helps prevent duplicate accounts, fraudulent transactions and spam messages. It has an administrative dashboard that allows users to monitor subscriber lists. It also offers an API for integrations with various third-party applications.

Email Verification & Reputation Scoring Service

IPQS is the only email verification service that combines a powerful reputation scoring tool with direct relationships with mail providers to validate all types of email addresses. Our extensive email reputation scoring is backed by hundreds of syntax & DNS checks that determine the quality of an email address and its recent history of abuse, fraud or threats.

Easily Check the Email Inbox with the Mail Service Provider and Domains (Identify free or business emails)

IPQS has built relationships with a wide range of mail service providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and others to offer a 100% accurate email validation API. The API checks email inboxes, validates syntax & DNS and provides real-time status updates of account ownership, abuse complaints, disposable & temporary email services, domain age, and a variety of other data points.

Dark Data Leaks – Determining if an email address has been exposed in a data breach is often necessary to prevent account theft and fraudulent purchases. IPQS is able to identify leaked email addresses in a data breach using a simple lookup request.

Detect Disposable Emails and Temporary Mail Services with a Simple Lookup

IPQS can quickly block disposable and temporary email services that allow fraudsters to spawn new emails at any time. The API can also be used to analyze disposable email addresses that are associated with spam traps and honeypots.

Sender Reputation & Spam Traps Detection Tools

The IPQS IP Reputation API offers real-time reputation scores and spam trap detection for all IPs. This includes IP addresses associated with spam traps and honeypots, as well as those that have recently been reported as abusive by other users.

Moreover, the IPQS URL Reputation API can determine if a website is a known trap or a trusted site based on machine learning. It also features a risk score that estimates the confidence level for malicious URL detection, ranging from 0-100.

Fraud Detection, Bot Mitigation and more

The fraud detection API from IPQS offers a comprehensive set of solutions that enables marketers to stop affiliate fraud and ad bots in real-time. These solutions help detect and remove non-human traffic that can cost advertisers billions of dollars each year in lost revenue.

In addition, the bot detection and fraud mitigation solutions can be integrated with multiple campaign management systems. This ensures that any campaigns that have high average fraud rates are automatically paused, while campaigns that are being abused by affiliates are automatically suspended.

The IPQS email validation API is an excellent choice for any e-commerce and marketing organization looking to increase their delivery rate and deliverability. Its pay-as-you-go pricing model means you can get access to a large number of emails without having to commit to a long-term contract. Its free plan is 5,000 looksups per month, but you can upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise plans for more lookups.