Lamb’s Tongue is one of the most popular profiles for skirting boards

When it comes to the material used for skirting boards, you have a few options. Some of these include wood-chip composites, such as MDF. These are made of a mixture of wood chips, sawdust, and resin. Although they look beautiful, they’re also prone to damage, especially at their joints.


If you’re looking for skirting boards with a decorative flair, you might consider ogee designs. This style is one of the most common and can be found from many manufacturers. Each style will vary slightly in the curves and design. If you’re not sure which style is right for your home, you can ask for a free sample from a manufacturer. This is especially effective if you’re trying to match an existing skirting board with the new design.

Ogee skirting boards have a distinctive curving profile that makes them a popular choice for both modern and traditional interiors. They are also very versatile, fitting in perfectly with almost any finish. The  sweeping curves of ogee skirting boards also make them an excellent match for various kinds of furniture and can add a distinctive accent to any room.


If you want to create a sophisticated and elegant look in your home, consider monochromatic skirting boards. Monochromatic boards rely on textures to create a story. Pastels are appropriate for this aesthetic trend, and are often used to create a soothing aura. This style also makes use of light and dark shades to create a sophisticated and elegant look.

One way to achieve a monochromatic look is to paint the skirting boards the same colour as your walls. This can help create a calming effect, while using a darker hue can create a striking contrast.


Pastel colours are great for opening up small rooms as they tend to lighten walls. They can also help to soften the effect of a busy room. They’re also good for hallways where you may want to reduce clutter. However, when choosing a pastel colour for your skirting boards, it’s important to match them with your home’s interiors. For example, you can choose pastel colours to complement whitewashed furniture and accessories, or pale wood tones.

Pastel skirting boards and walls can help you to achieve the Hygge look, which is a Danish lifestyle trend that is all about contentment and comfort. Denmark routinely receives awards for being the happiest country in the world, and if you’d like to bring this feeling to your home, then it may be time to choose pastel skirting boards and walls.

Lamb’s Tongue Chamfer

Lamb’s Tongue is one of the most popular profiles for skirting boards, and features rounded, square and angled edges. Its profile is adaptable to many different interior design styles. Its rebate allows it to run flush with skirting boards plasterwork. These boards are available in 15mm, 18mm or 25mm thicknesses and a range of lengths, from 3050mm to 4200mm. The heights of these boards vary from 69mm to 296mm, and each type is suitable for use in a wide variety of interior design styles.

Lamb’s Tongue chamfer skirting boards are made from 18mm thick MDF and are available unfinished or prefinished to match your Architrave. They also feature a Cable Management Service for the safe and easy management of pipe and wires. A rebate of about 10mm x 30mm is included at the bottom of the board, and the boards can be primed or painted.


MDF skirting boards are a very durable option for your home. This engineered composite material is made of small wood chips, sawdust, and resin and is compressed into lengths. The resulting material is stronger than real wood but not as rigid. This means you won’t need to replace them as often.

Skirting boards are an excellent choice for your home if you want to give your interior a more sophisticated and stylish look. They are easy to install and come with a smooth surface, making painting and working with them a much easier task. MDF skirting is also an affordable option, and it adds beauty and color to your home.